Today, more than 50 nationalities are represented at Valdosta State University. Throughout the 2013-2014 academic year, we will celebrate the pioneers of integration at VSU, as well as the brave women and men of all races who have worked tirelessly in the noble cause of justice for all. Wednesday, September 18, 2013 serves as the official kickoff date of 50 Years of Integration: A Celebration of Inclusion. The celebration includes events that highlight political, academic and athletic achievement and address where we stand today. The celebration emphasizes inclusion and appreciation of ALL and is hoped to be enjoyed by ALL.

Inclusion at a Glance

Office of Social Equity: The mission of the Office of Social Equity is to promote and sustain an environment of diversity, equity, respect and inclusiveness for all members of the University community through education, intervention, compliance, training, assessment, programming and support services. The office works to promote and advance the efforts of the University towards adhering to the laws of the country and state regarding equal opportunity, affirmative action, as well as developing and sustaining a diverse learning, living and working environment.

Center for International Programs: The Center for International Programs provides central coordination for the University's comprehensive range of services and activities in the area of international education. Among its many activities, the Center for International Programs administers an International Studies Minor program, coordinates study abroad and exchange opportunities for faculty and students, oversees support services for international students, maintains an user-friendly home page, and organizes cultural and community events and lecture series on international themes.

African American Studies Program: African American Studies, an academic discipline, offers an intellectual approach to the study of African people both nationally and globally. Thus, it seeks to provide historically accurate assessments of the roles and contributions of people of African descent to America and to human history. As as interdisciplinary program, this minor offers students the opportunity to communicate more effectively across cultural lines as well as to explore the social, political, and economic reality of the black experience in the United States. In addition, the minor encourages creative research, the acquisition of practical experiences, and the development of intellectual expertise in African American Studies. Several departments at Valdosta State University offer courses that support these goals.

Diversity Council: Diversity Council was established to explore the issues involving diversity and American universities. The council was created to offer a voice for every component of our university community including staff, students, plant operations, faculty and administration. The vision behind the council was to foster a dialogue regarding how we at VSU address diversity and how we can continue to advance our efforts. One of the challenges given to the committee was to explore new avenues that will keep VSU competitive in the global marketplace. The exploration of cultural diversity competency became the focus of the council's meetings. The discussions included consultants and the administration and set the foundations for future work in terms of open communication, intellectual inquisitiveness and equity of human value.