How to Apply to a Program

Go to the Search for Study Abroad/Exchange Programs site to find a program.

VSU Students

The application system is connected to MyVSU. To apply to a program, find a program then click the "Apply Now" button on the brochure. 

If you are already signed into MyVSU, you will automatically be directed to the application. 

If you are not already signed into myVSU, after clicking "Apply Now", select the first option "I have a VSU username and password". Then sign in using the same username and password you use to log into myVSU. Alternatively, you can log in using the "Login" link located at the upper right corner. 

Non-VSU Students (Before you have received a VSU ID number)

Find a brochure then click the "Apply Now" button. 

Then click the option "Create Account". You will be prompted to create an account. Alternately, you can click HERE to create an account.

Your log in username and password will then be emailed to you. 

Click on "Login" then "Non-VSU Students - Log In" and enter the log in information that was emailed to you. 


Transient students (After you have received a VSU ID number)

Once you have determined your VSU ID number, you will need to retrieve your VSU username and set your initial password by using the Password Management Tool.

Fill out the information on the Password Management Tool and click the "Reset Password" button. Follow the steps to obtain your username and new password.

Once you have retrieved your VSU username and password, you may apply to a program by following the same steps as VSU students.

Important: If you had already created an application using a username and password that was emailed to you, you must contact Study Abroad at to notify us of your VSU ID so that we can convert you to a VSU student in the system.