General Program Design

Faculty who wish to offer a VSU-sanctioned study abroad program should work closely with the Center for International Programs, which will assist them in designing a program that meets University System requirements. The procedure for obtaining approval to offer a study abroad program follows.

A. Approval Process and Deadlines

Proposals for summer study abroad must be approved by early September of the year before the study abroad program is to occur. Thus, a summer 2024 program must be approved by September, 2023. Spring Break or semester interim programs must be approved prior to the beginning of the academic year in which the programs are to take place. Study abroad proposals must be approved by the following persons:

  1. Heads of departments in which courses are to be offered;
  2. Deans of colleges in which courses are to be offered;
  3. Director of the Center for International Programs (CIP);
  4. Chief financial officer;
  5. Chief academic officer (Provost).

B. Procedure to Follow

Faculty interested in developing a study abroad proposal should follow these steps:

1. Describe program to department head(s) that would be involved and seek their approval; 
2. Meet with the CIP Director to discuss the proposal and clarify the procedures for developing a proposal;
3. Develop a draft proposal.
4. Have the CIP director and department heads review the draft proposal, then make any revisions that are required;
5. Submit the final proposal, along with the signature approval form, for signatures.

Information on locations overseas, travel arrangements, budgeting, and general study abroad arrangements are available in the Center for International Programs. The CIP will help faculty in designing programs and organizing proposals.

To download forms, click below: