*Developed Spring 2010 by faculty subcommittees

*USG New Core Curriculum Policy


Students will communicate effectively in writing by using appropriate conventions of correctness, style, tone, and organization and by adapting writing to audience and context.

Students will find, evaluate, and make inferences from a variety of sources and incorporate this information accurately, correctly, and effectively into their written work.

Courses in Area A1ENGL 1101, ENGL 1101H, ENGL 1102, ENGL 1102H


Students will demonstrate mathematical proficiency by analyzing a variety of functions and solving various equations.

Courses in Area A2MATH 1001, MATH 1101, MATH 1111, MATH 1113, MATH 1113H, MATH 1401, MATH 2261, MATH 2261H, MATH 2262



Students will demonstrate knowledge of global and regional perspectives in areas such as the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences.

Courses in Area B:  All PERS courses



Students will analyze, evaluate, and interpret diverse forms of human communication.

Courses in Area CENGL 2111, ENGL 2111H, ENGL 2112, ENGL 2112H, ENGL 2113, ENGL 2113H, ART 1100, ART 1100H, COMM 1100, COMM 1110, DANC 1500, MUSC 1100, MUSC 1120, MUSC 1130, MDIA 2000, THEA 1100, PHIL 2010, PHIL 2010H, PHIL 2020, PHIL 2020H, REL 2020, FREN 1001, FREN 1002, FREN 2001, FREN 2002, GRMN 1001, GRMN 1002, GRMN 2001, GRMN 2002, JAPN 1001, JAPN 1002, JAPN 2001, JAPN 2002, LATN 1001, LATN 1002, LATN 2001, LATN 2002, RUSS 1001, RUSS 1002, RUSS 2001, RUSS 2002, SPAN 1001, SPAN 1002, SPAN 2001, SPAN 2002, SPAN 2002H



Students will demonstrate understanding of the physical universe and the nature of science, and they will use scientific methods and/or mathematical reasoning and concepts to solve problems.

Courses in Area D1ASTR 1010K, ASTR 1020K, BIOL 1010/1020L, BIOL 1030/1040L, BIOL 1951H, BIOL 1952H, CHEM 1010, CHEM 1151K, CHEM 1152K, CHEM 1211/1211L, CHEM 1212/1212L, GEOG 1112K, GEOG 1113K, GEOL 1121K, GEOL 1122K, PHYS 1111K, PHYS 1112K, PHYS 2211K, PHYS 2212K; ASTR 1000, BIOL 1050, BIOL 1080, ENGR 1010, GEOG 1110, GEOL 1110, MATH 1112, MATH 1261, MATH 1401, MATH 2261, PHSC 1100

Courses in Area D2: PHYS 1111K and PHYS 1112K, PHYS 2211K and PHYS 2212K, CHEM 1151K and CHEM 1152K, CHEM 1211/1211L and CHEM 1212/1212L, BIOL 1107K, BIOL 1108K, BIOL 1010/1020L and BIOL 1030/1040L; ASTR 1000, ASTR 1010K, ASTR 1020K, BIOL 1050, BIOL 1060, BIOL 1070, BIOL 1080, BIOL 1090, CHEM 1010, GEOG 1110, GEOG 1112K, GEOG 1113K GEOL 1110, GEOL 1121K, GEOL 1122K, PHYS 2211K, PHYS 2212K, ENGR 1010, MATH 1112, MATH 1401, MATH 2261, MATH 2262, PHSC 1100



Students will demonstrate knowledge of diversity in individual and social behavior, the structure and processes of the United States government, and the importance of historical changes over time. 

Courses in Area E:  POLS 1101, POLS 1101H, HIST 2111, HIST 2111H, HIST 2112, HIST 2112H, AFAM 2020/WGST 2020, ANTH 1102 or ANTH 1102H, ECON 1500, ECON 1500H, ECON 2105, GEOG 1100, GEOG 1101, GEOG 1102, GEOG 1103, HIST 1011, HIST 1011H, HIST 1012, HIST 1012H, HIST 1013, HIST 1013H, POLS 2101, POLS 2401, POLS 2401H, POLS 2501, PSYC 1101, PSYC 1101H, SOCI 1101, SOCI 1101H, SOCI 1160