SmartPath Core

Are you looking for a smarter way to complete your core? Perhaps finding time to attend on-campus classes just doesn’t work for you. Families, careers, and all of the other commitments you have kept you from taking the next step toward dream fulfillment of beginning your degree or completing a degree you started years ago. Whatever your situation or goals, VSU’s Smart Path makes your dreams a reality.

VSU's SmartPath Core empowers you to create a personalized map for studies in an online environment with courses developed and taught by leading VSU faculty. SmartPath Core are designed with student success in mind and the flexibility to meet your individual needs.

See why VSU’s SmartPath Core is the Smarter Way

  • Directed path through the general core for non-science majors
  • Developed, taught, and endorsed by leading VSU faculty
  • Up to 16 week sessions for flexible scheduling
  • Classes are designed to let students focus on learning – not technology
  • Guaranteed seats - no student is turned away because a course is full
  • Course materials chosen with affordability in mind
  • Guaranteed rotation – no guesswork in planning ahead
  • Personalized scheduling and support

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