Faculty Success Council


This council will serve as a counterpoint to the Student Success Council which examines roadblocks to student success and develops practical solutions to improve the student experience. The success of the Student Success Council makes it clear that fate is in our hands. We can change the direction of where we go.

There is much that can be done to remove barriers to faculty success, deepen their engagement in the mission of the university, and inspire innovation. The council is asked to examine the following questions and enact practical solutions:

  • What are barriers to faculty success and what can be done to remove these impediments?
  • What would invigorate faculty, help them move forward, and inspire them to invest in a culture of student success?
  • How can we ignite a sense of urgency to innovate and engage?

Embracing a spirit of innovation, openness, and VSU’s mission, council members are asked to infuse their work with these understandings:

  • The council will take action, understanding that not every initiative will be successful. We will learn from mistakes and value the willingness to risk doing something different in order to arrive at different outcomes.
  • Nothing discussed in the council is secret. Members are encouraged to share the discussions that take place during council meetings with colleagues and to gather multiple perspectives that can inform the council’s work.
  • The work of a Comprehensive University is important and noble work that holds the potential to transform not only the lives of the students we serve, but successive generations of their families.


  • Survey faculty to identify barriers to retention, progression, and graduation of undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Merge the results of faculty survey and plan from Student Success and evaluate for implementation.

  • Survey faculty hired in the past 3 years to identify barriers and supports to their success.

  • Develop and distribute a list of best practices for Department Heads and Program Directors to help them support and retain new faculty.

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