The BSAC is represented by all undergraduate majors at LCOBA.


David Kuhlmeier
Dr. David B. Kuhlmeier
As the Faculty Advisor, my job is to assist the BSAC in the execution of its duties, to provide guidance, and to serve as a resource.  I believe the BSAC serves as a valuable liaison between students, administration, and faculty in determining issues of concern and formulating practical solutions. 

Josh Morse
Josh Morse 2013-2014 President of BSAC

Ashley Mead
Senior Accounting/Finance (Dual Major)
I joined BSAC in order to help make LCOBA an even greater place for faculty and students to learn and interact with each other.

Charita Gates 
Charita Gates

Courtney Stephens
BSAC secretary
Senior Accounting

Jay Council
Jay Council

Justice Purser
Justice Purser

Maximilian Mundel
International Business
I wanted to join the BSAC because it provides the oppurtunity to really make an impact on the LCOBA.

Sherita Gregory
Accounting and Economics Major
As a BSAC member I am able to provide a voice for my peers which allows me to improve LCOBA for currents students as well as prospective students.