Women's and Gender Studies

Women's and Gender Studies at Valdosta State University is a program committed to providing feminist scholarship across the disciplines. We explore the connections between academic inquiry and personal life.

As a WGST student, YOU have a unique opportunity to participate in engaging topics and are encouraged to be an active participant in YOUR own learning.



  • To promote gender equity and an academic climate that hears and respects women's voices.
  • To provide resources and an intellectual context for students, the University, and the community which facilitates individual and collaborative research about women, gender, and sexualities.
  • To promote the integration of women, gender, and sexuality issues into courses across the disciplines and so encourage critical and sensitive thinking about women, gender, and sexualities.
  • To initiate and co-sponsor events related to women, gender, and sexualities with campus departments and student organizations.
  • To offer networking, advocacy, and support for all faculty, staff, and students.