Criminal Justice Faculty

Dr. Darrell Ross

Department Head

Michigan State University,1992

Phone  229-333-5943
University Center, Room 1120

Dr. Shani Wilfred

Faculty, Criminal Justice

Ph.D (Criminal Justice)
Indiana University, 2005

Phone  229-249-4835
University Center, Room 1140

Dr. Wilson Huang

Faculty, Criminal Justice

Ph.D ( Criminal Justice & Criminology)
University of Maryland

Phone  229-333-5486
University Center, Room 1142
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Dr. Fred Knowles

Faculty, Criminal Justice

University of Missouri,2004

Phone  229-333-5494
University Center, Room 1129

Dr. Rudy Prine

Internship Coordinator, Faculty, Criminal Justice

Ph.D(Criminology & Criminal Justice)
Florida State University, 1996

Phone  229-333-5489
University Center, Room 1103

Dr. Deborah Robinson

Dr. Deborah Robinson

Faculty, Criminal Justice

Ph.D(Criminal Justice)
Florida State University, 1995

Phone  229-249-4974
University Center , Room 1139

Dr. Lorna Alvarez-Rivera

Faculty, Criminal Justice

University of Florida,

Phone  229-333-5943
University Center, Room 1134

Dr. R.Neal McIntyre, Jr.

Faculty, Criminal Justice

Ph.D (Public Administration with Minor in Sociology)
Valdosta State Unversity, 2011

Phone  229-249-2749
University Center, Room 1143

Dr. Michael Capece

Faculty, Criminal Justice

University of Florida,1991

Phone  229-333-5488
University Center, Room 1135

Mr. Douglas Robinson

Mr. Douglas Robinson

Full time Instructor, Criminal Justice

MS(Criminal Justice)
Valdosta State University, 2002

Phone  229-333-5484
University Center, Room 1131

Dr. Todd Bricker

Faculty, Criminal Justice

Ph.D( Social Science)
Michigan State University

Phone  229-333-7194
University Center , Room 1137

Dr. Bobbie Ticknor

Faculty, Criminal Justice

Ph.D( Corrections and Criminology)
University of Cincinnati

Phone  229-249-4975
University Center , Room 1141