Reasons Students Use The Counseling Center

  • Academics, coursework, and grades- test anxiety
  • Adjusting to social life at college
  • Feeling disconnected from support systems at home
  • Difficulties communicating with professors, making friends and developing a support system at college
  • Difficulties in relationships with roommates and friends
  • Balancing multiple demands (academic, relationships, and finances)
  • Feeling unmotivated or depressed
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Dating violence or sexual assault
  • Choices about educational and career directions and life after college

Concerns Students Discuss in Counseling

  • Feeling "stressed" or overwhelmed
  • Difficulties concentrating, confusion
  • Feeling less self-confident or sure of your abilities
  • Loneliness, homesickness, feeling like you "don't belong"
  • Problems communicating with others
  • Uncertainty about the future
  • Feeling sad, angry, anxious or depressed
  • Relationship difficulties

Who Is Eligible for Services?

All VSU students.

Is there a cost for services?

Services are free for all VSU students.

Are Sessions Confidential?

Yes! Conversations with counseling staff and your mental health records are confidential and privileged. Counseling staff may not speak with or release your records to anyone outside the Counseling Center without your written consent to do so. This includes releasing information to parents, professors, University departments, housing staff, friends, or government agencies. Exceptions to confidentiality may occur under certain circumstances. These exceptions include serious and immediate threat to your life or welfare or the life or welfare of another person or the University community. For more information see the Confidentiality Policy

What is Counseling Like?

Initially, some students feel a little uncomfortable discussing personal issues with a stranger, but typically feel at ease rather quickly. Our staff is knowledgeable and professional and strives to create a comfortable environment for you. Counseling provides an opportunity for you to discuss your concerns with an objective professional, who will assist you in clarifying and finding solutions to problems. Most students who use counseling services find them to be helpful.

What are the limits on counseling services?

The Counseling Center offers brief, short-term individual and limited psychiatric services.  Each student is allowed 16 individual sessions within one academic year. Individual counseling at the Counseling Center is designed to focus on specific goals within a short-term model. If you are in need of longer-term counseling or psychiatric services or services that the Counseling Center does not offer, we will assist you in locating resources that may be of help to you.

What to Expect When You Call the Counseling Center

When you call (229-333-5940) or come to the Counseling Center, you will speak with an Administrative Assistant. This person will schedule a time for an initial intake appointment. Prior to this appointment you will be asked to complete paperwork. During the initial intake appointment, you and a counselor will discuss your reasons for seeking services in greater detail.  If appropriate you will schedule further individual sessions with your counselor.

Services Offered at the Counseling Center.

Please click on link to view services offered at the Counseling Center.