How can I find out more about the NPHC organizations at Valdosta State University (VSU)?

At the beginning of every semester, the NPHC of VSU hosts an NPHC informational. This is an opportunity for those persons who are unsure about the process of meeting and greet all of the fraternities or sororities to ask questions and obtain more information regarding the organization's history, informational, academic and financial obligations, and on-campus events without the fear of showing preference for one organization over another.

It is important that each interested student take the time to learn about the history, aims, and national programs of each organization before joining any NPHC fraternity or sorority to fully appreciate and understand the depth of Black Greek Letter Organizations

What is the next step?

Look for interest meetings that are held by the individual fraternities or sororities. At these meetings, you will receive a more in-depth view of the organization hosting the interest meeting both nationally and locally.

Each organization has individual membership requirements, initiation dates, membership dues, and academic requirements. However, each organization will have an academic and financial responsibility to maintain while at Valdosta State University.

Please keep in mind that: Membership to an NPHC fraternity or sorority is a life-long commitment, not just a college experience!