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Group Fitness Class Descriptions

  • Challenge Yourself!


    This non-stop class is ideal for sculpting thighs and glutes on the barre, but it doesn’t stop there. Instructors will incorporate a variety of Barre, Yoga, & Pilates to increase strength and balance that is sure to leave you feeling like a new person, head-to-toe.


    Looking for balance, core, and stability? BOSU is an exercise ball cut in half that can be used BOth Sides Up for aerobic and strength training alike.

    Core Pilates    

    Core Pilates is a mat-based class that uses body weight to lengthen, tone, and build strong core muscles (including, but not limited to, the abs, obliques, and lower back).


    Amplify your calorie burn with our Schwinn indoor cycling bikes. This class is tailored to suit all levels of abilities from cycling enthusiasts to cross training athletes. 

    Dance Fit         

    This fun, high-energy class is ideal for all fitness levels. It combines dance styles like hip-hop, swing, and salsa with music you love, all while blasting away calories.

    Fit Pilates Ball

    This is Pilates at its finest, with the use of an exercise ball in a class designed to increase a stable and strong foundation of your core. It will lengthen and tone to increase overall strength and flexibility.

    Full Body Power Circuit         

    Maximize your strength, muscle, and endurance with high intensity intervals and fat blasting power circuits. This class will incorporate cardio drills and various types of equipment to strengthen and tone as your power through the circuits.

    Pure Muscle    

    Looking to tone and/or build muscle? This class will use a variety of tools to strengthen and tone your muscles, top to bottom and front to back. Due to the fact pace, participants will get to a higher heart rate that ensures an even higher calorie burn.

    Restorative Yoga         

    You work hard in school, at work, and in the gym. Now is the time to restore! This class is an entire hour dedicated to strengthening and helping tired, sore, achy muscles recoup. The gentle music and low lights will also provide the perfect environment for a mental break. 

    Total Body Conditioning         

    Enjoy a full hour of full-body aerobic and strength conditioning while incorporating a variety of equipment. This fast-paced, challenging workout will benefit your cardiovascular endurance as well as your overall strength.

    Yoga Body Bootcamp

    If you love yoga, it’s time to take it to a whole new level. It’s bootcamp for yogis! No jumping, no intervals, just one intense yoga session to increase strength, flexibility, and post-workout calorie burn. 


    This is a combination of muscle-sculpting, core-firming workouts from Pilates with the strength and flexibility of yoga in one class! This low-impact workout leaves your body looking long, lean, and defined.


    Take the “work” out of workout and join the party! This total body dance party will burn substantial calories in a fast-paced, high energy atmosphere.