The VSU Anthropology program has a four field emphasis.





Introductory Courses:

ANTH 1102 - Introduction to Anthropology/ ANTH 1102H - Introduction to Anthropology, Honors 

Fundamentals of anthropology, with particular focus on such disciplinary subfields as biological anthropology, archaeology, linguistics and cultural anthropology. Emphasis is on the employment of the anthropological perspective, and the application of anthropological concepts and models to contemporary issues and problems. 

Cultural Anthropology Courses: 

ANTH 3020 - Culture and Personality 

A cross-cultural survey on the relationship between culture and personality. Attention is directed to the interplay of cultural and social variables in the development of identity Specific foci include mental illness, aggression, altered states of consciousness, and individual adaptation to social change.

ANTH 3030 Archaeological Techniques
Prerequisite: ANTH 1102 or permission of instructor. An introduction to the theory and techniques of archaeology as well as their practical application. Students will participate in fieldwork, including archaeological survey, excavation, and laboratory analysis.

ANTH 3040 - Cultural Anthropology
An introduction to the nature of cultural anthropology through a cross-cultural analysis of cultural systems and social organizations. Specific theoretical approaches are applied to case materials from cultural systems around the world including those within our society. 

ANTH 3070 - Magic, Religion, and Witchcraft 
A cross-cultural survey of varieties of religious expression. Emphasis is placed on ritual, mythic, and symbolic dimension s of religion and the way religion interrelates with other social institutions. 

ANTH 3090 - Africa: Inequalities Past/Present
The study and problems of social stratification in Africa from pre-colonial to modern times. Special attention will be paid to both intra-national institutions (e.g., kinship, class and ethnicity) and international political economy.

ANTH 3130 - Indians of North America 
A survey of the lifestyles of North American Indians following contact with Europeans. Groups from all regions on North America are included, and the course examines native lifestyles at particular points in time. Primary emphasis is on environmental adaptation and economy of each group; in addition, social and political organization, religion, material culture, arts, and other aspects of culture are discussed.

ANTH 3140 World Prehistory
Prerequisite: ANTH 1102 or permission of instructor. A survey of world prehistory from the earliest human ancestors to early civilizations. Topics include human evolution, the spread of humans over the globe, the development of plant and animal domestication, and the development of civilization

ANTH 3170 Language and Culture 

Prerequisite: ANTH 1102 or permission of instructor. A survey of the relationship between language and culture. The course introduces concepts for understanding linguistic anthropology and language mechanics. 

ANTH 3500 - Anthropological Theory 
An historical survey of the development of anthropological theory, with a primary focus on the anthropological perspective and including an introduction to general social science. Students will develop a competent review fo literature in an area of anthropology.

ANTH 3910 - Anthropology of Law 
The study of legal systems and conflict resolution styles in non Western societies. The varieties of legal understandings and procedures are explored, and characteristics of specific legal processes are related to other institutional spheres, such as economics, kinship, and religion. 

ANTH 4040 - Sociocultural Change 
An examination of sociocultural changes occurring in tribal and peasant societies in response to modernization. Particular attention is focused on the articulation of these societies with the larger national and global systems, the resulting inequalities, types of social and cultural disruptions experienced, and the range of responses to change. 

Archaeology Courses:

ANTH 3030 - Archaeological Techniques 

An introduction to the theory and techniques of archaeology as well as their practical application. Students will participate in fieldwork, including archaeological survey, excavation, and laboratory analysis.

ANTH 3120 - Archaeology Eastern North America 

A study of cultural development in eastern North America, employing archaeological, ethnohistorical, and historical perspective. The temporal boundaries are the arrival of humans in the region until the nineteenth century. Native American and Euroamerican culture history will be explored.

ANTH 3160 - Experimental Archaeology 

An introduction to primitive technology with an emphasis on recreating past tools and utensils in an attempt to understand past lifeways. Lab fee required.

ANTH 4900 - Special Topics in Anthropology (World Prehistory)

Linguistics Courses:

ANTH 4900 - Special Topics in Anthropology (Language and Culture)                                                                                                                                 
This course introduces concepts for understanding language mechanics, linguistic anthropology and the deep connections  between language and culture.

Biological Anthropology Courses:

ANTH 3010 - Physical Anthropology 

The study of the biological origins of the human species. An emphasis is placed on human evolution, genetics, primatology and the interaction between culture and biology. 

Method Courses:

ANTH 3510 - Anthropological Research 

An introduction to the concepts and methods of anthropological research. The emphasis is on developing familiarity with the various research strategies employed by cultural anthropologists and their application. Course work culminates with the design of a research proposal. 

ANTH 4540 - Internship in Anthropology 

Supervised, practical experience in an appropriate community agency; an opportunity for students of demonstrated maturity and judgment to discover the integration between theory and practice and make applications. Grade on satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. 

ANTH 4980 - Directed Study in Anthropology 

Study in an area or subject not normally found in established courses offered by the department; may also allow the student to explore in more detail a topic which is normally covered by the department. May be repeated for credit.