Our joint program is designed to provide Chinese exchange students with the knowledge and skills required to analyze urban & environmental questions and recommend solutions. They will use research tools in geography and planning, as well as analytical and technical skills such as GIS, spatial and temporal analysis, computer mapping, and statistical analysis to analyze urban, environmental, and social issues of the contemporary cities. Our program can prepare international students to enter U.S. graduate programs in planning and related fields or embark upon careers in industry, government, or education.


联合培养计划旨在为中国学生提供分析城市和环境,以及土地管理所需的知识和技能和解决方案。 他们将在地理和规划方面学习使用多种研究工具,以及分析和技术能力,如GIS(地理信息系统),时空分析,计算机绘图和统计分析,用以解决当代城市,土地,环境和社会问题。 我们的课程可以帮助国际学生进入规划和土地资源管理相关领域的美国研究生院,或者开拓工业,政府或教育领域的职业生涯。