Faculty Spotlights


What does candy and Quantitative Reasoning have to do with each other? Mrs. Dawn Hopkins shows the correlation to her students to help them better understand the subject! This hands-on activity was not only helpful, but it also was so sweet to eat. What a way to think outside of the box!


Dr. Denise Reid had lunch with her math major mentees! They got a chance to discuss future career plans, address any questions or concerns they had, and talk about the experiences they've had while being here at VSU. We are sure they enjoyed their time together and are looking forward to doing it again!
We would like to congratulate Dr. Lorena Aguirre-Salazar for being spotlighted here at VSU. Take the time to read through the article which will highlight some of their accomplishments as well as the goals they hope to reach while working here. We are proud to have them on our team! Click here to view the full article!

Departmental Majors


Our student organizations Society of Physics Students, Mathematical Association of America, and ESA (engineering) took a trip to Kennedy Space Center this past weekend. They were able to see so many machines and suits used for exploration in space and they were also able to meet a former astronaut.


We would like to take this time to spotlight Callie Reid. She had the pleasure of presenting a poster at the Joint Mathematical Meetings in Boston, MA during the Christmas break. Dr. Ault, Dr.Reid, and Dr. Trowell all had the opportunity to witness Callie give her presentation while attending the event and representing our department. They are definitely starting this new year off on a high note!


Fall 2022 Graduate: Tammy Byrd


Fall 2022 Graduate: Brazynn Ingram

Past Events




The main goal of this conference is to provide an introduction to topological data analysis (TDA) and persistence theory (PT) to a broader audience. TDA and PT are relatively recent methods useful for finding important features in large data sets using ideas from traditionally theoretical branches of mathematics such as algebra and topology.  This conference consists of a series of daily lectures given by Dr. Peter Bubenik at the University of Florida in Gainsville, FL.  The topics of these lectures include a review of the basic mathematical concepts related to TDA and PT, interactions with statistical methods and machine learning as well as current applications and software implementation are also discussed. 

Click here to find out more information about the conference!

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