The Department of English, located in West Hall 2109, offers four programs of study that lead to a B. A. degree in English, two programs that lead to an M. A. degree in English, and two options that lead to a Certificate for Teaching College English.

The Department also offers minors in English, Journalism, Creative Writing, and Professional Writing. The programs in the English Department build upon the basic knowledge, skills, and values provided by the University Core Curriculum while preparing students for a wide range of careers as well as for graduate study in numerous fields.

The Traditional Track provides a pre-law and pre-theology education as well as prepares students for graduate study in English.

The Journalism Track prepares students for careers in print journalism, editing, and in-house news writing.

The Creative Writing Track prepares students for graduate study as well as careers in publishing and related fields.

The Professional Writing Track also prepares students for graduate study as well as careers in law, business, advertising, and publishing.

Students in every Track are encouraged to gain work experience related to their major through internships or the VSU Cooperative Education Program. Each of the Department’s Tracks emphasizes the importance of critical thinking skills, encourages an appreciation of diverse cultural perspectives, and develops a greater understanding of the cognitive, emotive, and aesthetic dimensions of language as an avenue of self-knowledge, cultural understanding, and social responsibility.


Undergraduate Programs:

Core Checklist

Checklists for the four undergraduate tracks:

M.A. in English

M.A. in English Studies for Language Arts Teachers (Online)

Other Programs:

Certificate for Teaching College English

M.A.T. in Middle Grades Education - Employed Teachers

M.A.T. in Middle Grades Education - Full Time Student