How did majoring in English prepare you for your career?

Majoring in English prepared me to take on my career by making me a well rounded individual. The ability to read, write, comprehend, analyze and critically think are assets to any company and are the pillars of an English degree. The journalism program further helped me stand out by allowing me to know a little bit of everything. Upon graduating, I have experience in print and digital writing, page design, photography and editing. That knowledge of every part of the process is appealing to employers.

How has majoring in English enriched your life?

Majoring in English has taught me valuable life skills. Between organizing thoughts, meeting deadlines, developing relationships and understanding the power of the written word, the program has put me in a position to be successful and understand things differently.

What advice or insight do you have for VSU alumni and students interested in your career field?

Try everything. Between The Spectator, Odradek and On Tap, there’s so many great programs and activities to expand your learning. And you might just fall in love with it all at the same time. Don’t be afraid to try anything that might interest you.