How did majoring in English prepare you for your career?

Majoring in English with a concentration in Journalism gave me the knowledge to know proper style and tone for a certain position. As a flight attendant based in Seattle, I was a travel writer while I explored the world. As a group hotel sales manager in Dallas, I prepared detailed client proposals and contracts on behalf of the property. Now as Regional Director of Sales for VisitDallas in the D.C. area, I market Dallas as a destination for conferences, meetings and events. Understanding how Dallas can work for a particular event, educating the client of the city’s offerings, and providing the right research and information related to the organization’s objective is key to successfully doing this role.

How has majoring in English enriched your life?

I always knew growing up I would major in English and study Journalism. Majoring in English enriched my life more so because of the closeness of the community and the direction of those I studied under at VSU. I developed a strong work ethic and desire to do everything to the best of my abilities. Meeting Dr. Miller was my real takeaway. The running joke was if you could read her handwriting then you were ready to graduate. Well, I could read it my sophomore year, but I was not ready to graduate! In my years taking classes with Dr. Miller, she challenged me to think differently, learn and understand various writing styles, know when to reconstruct my writing to be more concise, and pushed me to do better when she knew I wasn’t giving it my all. I continue to push myself in the same ways to this day. 

What advice or insight do you have for VSU alumni and students interested in your career field?

 Trust your instincts. Follow every opportunity as it presents itself even if it is not what you have in mind for yourself. My path has not been one people often think about when they think of an English major. From flight attendant to hotel sales to conventions/meetings sales, it all started because I had a conversation with a stranger on an airplane the summer before graduation, and I followed the lead.