How did majoring in English prepare you for your career?

The English department at Valdosta State equipped me with the tools I need for a successful journalism career. In the Daily Sun newsroom, we talk a lot about being a well-rounded journalist — being able to write, edit, interview, research and design — skills I learned and strengthened at VSU. During my eight years at the Daily Sun, I’ve done a little bit of everything, and use what I learned during journalism courses at VSU on a daily basis. I've won state, national and international awards for design and for leading the research of the Daily Sun's nationally recognized investigation into Florida's death penalty. While my day-to-day work isn’t writing stories for the newspaper, knowing how to write well is essential to headline writing, editing and design. 

How has majoring in English enriched your life?

I’m proud of and passionate about the work I do, which I attribute to what I learned at Valdosta State.  My passion for English and storytelling goes beyond just my career. It helps me communicate more effectively in all aspects of life. It also influences some of my hobbies — I still spend a lot of time reading anything I can get my hands on. 

What advice or insight do you have for VSU alumni and students interested in your career field?

Yes, the journalism industry can seem scary. But if you have the passion and drive for journalism, then you’ll have a successful career. My best advice is to take any opportunity you're given to strengthen your skills and never stop learning.