Welcome to the Master’s in Nursing Program at the School of Nursing inside the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at Valdosta State University. Admission into the Master’s in Nursing (MSN) program is competitive.  It is the student’s responsibility to follow the admission requirements for the Nursing program in the graduate catalog each year and to frequently visit the program website for any new admission or curriculum updates.   Students must submit their admission application online before the designated deadline date as instructed and as specified on the program website.  The programs are designed for success for either full-time or part-time students assuming that students begin the admissions process and matriculate through the program under the designed curriculum structure.  The curriculum involves a structured and in-depth academic component, as well as, a diverse practicum experience component.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Valdosta State University College of Nursing and Health Sciences is to serve society through the promotion of excellence in health care: preparing outstanding health professionals, developing health care knowledge, advocating for the underserved, and advancing our professions.

Vision Statement

As regional leaders for nursing excellence and learner-centered education, we believe education transforms all involved, including a diverse population of learners, faculty, and clients. Nursing education is committed to a technologically-enhanced learning community that promotes learner success. We believe learners should be actively engaged, selfdirected, accountable, and committed to lifelong learning. Faculty members strive for instructional excellence, offer academic assistance, facilitate learning, and provide enrichment for learners by coaching, guidance, and mentorship. Our purpose is to educate and graduate registered nurses who are competent, caring, holistic, and reflective.