Jennett Scholars

The Jennett Scholars Program is an invitational only scholarship that is awarded to five highly qualified, highly motivated incoming freshman each year. As one of the premier competitive, merit-based scholarship programs offered in the state of Georgia, the Jennett Scholarship is the highest level academic honor and scholarship that can be given by Valdosta State University! All Jennett Scholars are recognized publicly by the President of the University with this honor.

About the Program

The Jennett Scholars Program provides five Freshmen with scholarship awards worth up to $9,000 annually. The Jennett Scholars each receive a $5,000 annual scholarship for four years of study while at Valdosta State University. Due to our extremely competitive tuition rates, Jennett Scholars are able to have most of their costs covered. The Jennett Scholars also receive a stipend for on-campus housing, worth up to $4,000 that can cover the residence hall costs. When coupled with the HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarship, the Jennett Scholarship almost covers full tuition and fees, room, board, and a book scholarship for most recipients.

Jennett Scholars students are also required to participate in the Honors College which is oriented in preparing students for a 21st century world. Incorporating the values of scholarship, service learning, leadership, and interdisciplinary approaches, Honors graduates acquire the necessary skills for success in our ever-changing world. Jennet Scholars will also enjoy a global experience through a Study Abroad opportunity. Students selected as a Jennett Scholar must maintain good standing in the Honors College to continue receiving the scholarship.

Selection Process

The Jennett Scholars Competition will select scholars by using a process consisting of an application and interview. All application and interviews will be reviewed by the VSU Scholarship Committee. To participate in the Jennett Scholarship Competition, students must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Fill out an application to Valdosta State University complete with high school transcript and test scores.
  • Students must apply to the Honors College to be considered for the Jennett Scholarship. 
  • Students will be selected based on the Honors College application process. 
  • Students must be accepted to VSU in order to be considered for the Jennett Scholarship.