The Organizational Leadership (ORGL) Bachelor of Science degree examines the practices, theories, issues, and ramifications of leading an organization or business. The multidisciplinary curriculum provides an understanding of leadership, administration, human resources, and technology related to today’s complex organizations in the public, private or non-profit sectors. 


Degree Requirements

Core Curriculum 60
Core Curriculum Areas A, B, C, D.1, and E (See VSU Core Curriculum) 42
Core Curriculum Area F (Courses appropriate to the major)
ACED 2400 Computer Technology for the Workplace 3
or CS 1000 Introduction to Microcomputers and Applications
PSYC 1101 Introduction to General Psychology 3
Any courses in Areas C-F approved by advisor 12-15

ACED 2050 Communications for the Workplace 3
ACED 3400 Applied Computer Technology 3
ACED 4820 Project Management for Technical Leaders 3
ENGL 3010 Professional Writing 3
or ENGL 3030 Writing for the Legal and Social Science Professions
POLS 3600 Introduction to Public Administration 3
POLS 4610 Public Personnel Administration 3
POLS 4620 Public Finance Administration 3
PSYC 3800 Industrial/Organizational Psychology 3
ORGL 4690 Capstone Seminar in Organizational Leadership 3
ORGL 3000 Reflective Seminar I: Self as Learner 1
ORGL 3050 Reflective Seminar II: Self in Context 1
ORGL 4000 Reflective Seminar III: Transforming Self, Self-Transformation 1

Students will select elective courses related to Leadership and Professional specialties.

Grand Total Credits: 120