Online Computer Information Systems Degree

The computer information systems program focuses on problem solving, analysis, design and implementation of software systems. The major also has a strong business component, with courses in accounting, economics and management. Students are required to take courses in software engineering, database and networking.


Degree Requirements

  • VSU Core Curriculum (60 Semester Hours Required)

    Core Curriculum 60
    Core Areas A-E (See VSU Core Curriculum) 42
    Core Curriculum Area F  18
    CS 1301 Principles of Programming I 4
    CS 1302 Principles of Programming II 4
    CS 2620 Discrete Structures 3
    ACCT 2101
    ACCT 2102
    Principles of Accounting I
    and Principles of Accounting II
    ECON 2106 Principles of Microeconomics (with 2 hours "spilling" into electives) 1
  • Major Courses (50┬áTotal Credits) Electives (10┬áTotal Credits)

    Senior College Curriculum 60
    CS 3101 Computer Organization 3
    Select one of the following: 3
    UNIX Programming
    The C Programming Language
    Web Programming
    CS 3410 Data Structures 3
    CS 4121 Data Communications and Networks I 3
    CS 4321 Software Engineering I 3
    CS 4345 Operating Systems 3
    CS 4721 Database Design I 3
    Three of any 3000-level or 4000-level course not required above (excluding CS 3000 and CS 3001) 9
    Two of any CS 4000-level courses not required above 6
    Supporting Courses 14
    Principles of Microeconomics ("spillover" from Area F)
    Elementary Statistics
    Management and Organization Behavior
    Production and Operations Management
    Financial Management
    Introduction to Marketing
    Electives 10

Grand Total Credits: 120