Flute Studio

flute studioValdosta State University offers its flute students a wide variety of performing opportunities for performance. Ensembles include the Valdosta Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Flute Quartet, Flute Choir, various smaller chamber music groups including woodwind quintet, and the Blazin' Brigade Marching Band.
One of the outstanding features of the Music Department at Valdosta State University is the number of contact hours students receive from their individual applied music instructor. All Music Education and Bachelor of Arts majors at VSU receive a weekly one- hour lesson. Music Performance majors receive two one-hour lessons, double the amount of lesson time in most college programs. Additionally, all music majors attend a weekly one-hour master class with their instructor. Non-music majors at VSU can also register for applied flute lessons and audition for all ensembles.

Individual auditions may be scheduled at almost any time in the semester, although you are urged to audition as early as possible to ensure availability of scholarships. We are happy to schedule a day of activities for potential flute majors (and their parents) on their audition days, which can include a campus tour and observation of music classes. 

Admission Requirements

Prospective flute students may major in three areas:
Bachelor of Music with a major in Flute Performance (BM Music)
Bachelor of Arts (BA Music) 
Bachelor of Arts with a major in Music Education (MAT)
To audition for one of the above undergraduate majors, you should be prepared to play the following at your audition:

  • Two etudes or solos of contrasting styles: one demonstrating lyrical/expressive qualities and the other demonstrating technical capabilities.
  • All major scales and arpeggios from memory (two or three octaves), and the chromatic scale ascending and descending (full range of the instrument).
  • Sight-reading.

Prospective flute students wishing to enter the Master of Music program with a major in Flute Performance should be prepared to play the following:

  • Two to three solos from the standard flute repertoire.
  • All major and minor scales and arpeggios, and the chromatic and whole tone scales (all scales extended to cover the full range of the instrument)
  • The following orchestral excerpts:
    • Prelude to l’apres midi d’une faune by Claude Debussy
    • Scherzo from a Midsummer Night’s Dream by Felix Mendelssohn
    • Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev
    • Firebird Suite by Igor Stravinsky

Audition Form