What is Interdisciplinary Studies?

Interdisciplinary Studies is a program which allows you, the student, to be in control of designing your educational program. The degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, is comprised of two or three academic areas of emphasis (21 hours each or 15 hours each, respectively). You may choose from almost any discipline offered as a major or minor at VSU.

There are two Tracks for Interdisciplinary Studies:

Option A:



First Discipline

21 hours


Second Concentration

21 hours


Free Electives

9 hours

Option B:



First Discipline

15 hours


Second Discipline

15 hours


Third Discipline

15 hours


Free Electives

6 hours

      Total hours required for the degree

120 semester hours

A minimum of 39 upper division hours must be taken across the disciplines in the student’s Interdisciplinary major.

All courses in Area F and the Senior College Curriculum must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.

If the Honors option is chosen, then the student must take 6 hours of Foreign Language and Culture plus the requisite Honors classes and maintain the GPA specified by the Honors College.

Why Interdisciplinary Studies?

Students choose Interdisciplinary Studies for a variety of reasons, but chief among those are the opportunities for diversity this program provides, as well as the ability to choose your own courses. The Interdisciplinary Studies program affords students the opportunity to craft a degree that is not only academically rigorous, but that is unique to you, the student - one which highlights your strengths and interests. No two degrees are identical.

What kind of job can I get with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies?

The career field is wide open! Many times employers are not looking for a degree in a specific field; they are looking for certain skills that will be beneficial to them - skills such as professional communication, interpersonal skills, team work, leadership, time management, and professional reading and writing. You build and strengthen these skills during the pursuit of your degree.

How can I get more information?

Contact us at (229) 333-5950 or (229) 333-6001 to schedule an appointment, or contact us via email at lorenduff@valdosta.edu.