Literature Emphasis

The M.A. in English with an emphasis in Literature offers the following:

  • training for students seeking to teach at colleges and universities
  • an attractive, content-based degree program for public school English teachers
  • a theoretical and historical foundation for students seeking to enter a PhD program in Literature

Course Distribution:

The M.A. degree in English with an emphasis in literature consists of 36 semester hours.

Required Courses (18 hours):

  1. ENGL 7000 – Approaches to Graduate Study (3 hours)

  2. ENGL 7010 – Approaches to Critical Theory (3 hours)

  3. Four 8000-Level, Seminars (3 hours each = 12 hours total)

Elective Courses (18 hours):

  1. 7000-Level, Studies Courses: 0-18 hours

  2. 8000-Level Seminars: 0-18 hours

  3. Graduate Option (6000-level courses and/or courses from other departments): 0-9 hours within English Department; 0-6 hours outside English Department

  4. Comprehensive Exam Hours (for students who select the exam option in the program): 3 hours
  5. Thesis Hours (for students who select the thesis option in the program): 3-6 hours

Graduate Option:

Students may exercise a graduate option by enrolling in one or both of the following:

  1. 6000-level courses in the English Department, with the prefixes ENGL, LING, CWCL, and/or JOUR. These are split-level courses that are comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students. A maximum of 9 hours of coursework may be drawn from these courses.

  2. graduate courses from outside of the English Department. A maximum of 6 hours of coursework may be drawn from these courses.

Special Requirements for Students Entering the Program Without an Undergraduate Degree in English:

Students entering the literature emphasis without an undergraduate degree in English or English minor or its equivalent must complete the following prerequisites with a grade of B or higher before enrolling in graduate-level courses: ENGL 3060; ENGL 3210 and ENGL 3215; ENGL 3110 and ENGL 3120.  At the discretion of the Graduate Studies Committee, courses taken at the undergraduate level deemed equivalent to the above requirements may be counted as fulfilling the prerequisites either partially or in full.  In addition, 4000-level British and American courses at VSU can be substituted for the 3000-level surveys, as long as the student still takes two American and two British courses.