Contact Information

Email:  Emily Rose, Ph.D

Office: Bailey Science Center, Room 2211

Phone: (229) 219-3437


Ph.D., Biology, Texas A&M University

B.S., Marine Science & Biology, University of Tampa 

Courses Taught

BIOL 3250 Ecology & Evolution 

Research Interests

My pursuit of research has largely been fueled by my passion for understanding how human impacts affect the diversity, survivorship, and evolutionary trajectory of organisms in altered environments. My research focuses on the effects of anthropogenic impacts, including habitat disturbances and endocrine disruptors, on mating system evolution by integrating a variety of approaches, including behavioral and molecular techniques, sexual selection theory and evolutionary ecology. I utilize fishes from Family Syngnathidae, seahorses, pipefishes, and sea dragons, for my research because of their unique natural variation in mating systems, intricate relationship with their diverse habitats, and their novel traits, such as male pregnancy and sex-role reversal. My current work examines the impact of pollutants, such as synthetic estrogen, on the mating system of pipefish found in marine, coastal seagrass beds and freshwater adapted populations. I am also working with collaborators to investigate a unique population of seahorses in a Bahamian saltwater lake. 


For access to my publication list, see my google scholar page.  (click here)