Organizational Development

The office of Employee and Organizational Development is here to assist with your specialized training needs for your department, unit, or division. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Make a request to meet with a training specialist to complete a formalized needs-assessment to create a highly specialized retreat or training session for your team. Please contact Ashley M. Cooper at or 229-219-1276 with any questions.

Departmental Request Form

We currently offer departmental retreats focusing on areas such as:

  • Team Building and Motivation

    These retreats focus on creating group synergy and energizing (or re-energizing) teams. Retreats of this nature are perfect for newly created teams/departments on campus or for teams looking to jumpstart the new academic year or semester with a refreshed attitude and positive outlook. Team building and motivation sessions are highly engaging with a multitude of hands-on activities and dynamic discussion.
  • Critical Thinking and Creativity in the Workplace

    These retreats are designed to focus on the roles that critical and creative thinking play in the workplace, specifically in your department and its role at VSU. Participants will discover the difference between critical and creative thinking, learn various approaches to utilizing special/hidden talents at work, and ignite their creative energy. These sessions usually include multiple hands-on activities. The most popular format includes a trip to Epic Escape Rooms to apply what they’ve learned during the classroom portion of the training and includes a scheduled follow up for the facilitator to discuss a formal observation report from the event.
  • Workplace Communication

    These retreats are designed to focus on effective communication from an individual and group basis. Topics covered include: Identifying your personal communication style, assertive communication, professional communication, and interpersonal communication. Participants receive a blend of presented material, along with hands-on applied training methods to enhance their overall experience.
  • Everything DiSC Workplace Profile

    This session utilizes the Everything DiSC Workplace behavioral style assessment to help you understand behavior, temperament, and contentment within your department. The retreat will provide a comprehensive overview of the way that employee’s think, act, and interact while in the office. The session also teaches the participant how to understand other coworkers and how to interact with those differences. Cross-comparison reports are also available to be included to help employees learn what stressors they may impose on other employees, how to be most effective when working together, and what to avoid when working together. This training can only be offered by a DiSC certified trainer and is promised to be one of the most beneficial team development training's you’ll ever experience.

    • Sample workplace profile
    • Sample cross-comparison report
  • Change Management

    These retreats are designed to assist departments who are going through significant change. A focus is placed on transition management and working through the change process. While specific outcomes may vary depending on the need of the department, elements of effective communication is included.
  • Strategic Planning: Goals, Mission, and Vision

    Using a variety of techniques and exercises, we work with departments and divisions to assist them with goal setting, visioning and developing mission statements. Some of the strategies used include SWAT, nominal group technique, small group discussion, and brainstorming.