Interlibrary Loan (ILL) provides access to books, articles, and journals to individuals and departments. These services enhance the ability to research and reference a broad spectrum of materials encompassing not only the University System of Georgia but also institutions across the nation and even – in limited cases - internationally. They are provided largely free of charge, though nominal fees may apply in limited circumstances. Please email to arrange delivery to North Campus (faculty and staff only).

ILL is available to all students, faculty, and staff. It provides access to books, journals, and other materials that are not owned by or housed at VSU in addition to those items that we already have access to. 

Students are not eligible for ILL or Odum Express mail delivery of materials directly to their home addresses. 

To begin accessing materials immediately, logon to ILLiad.

If you have questions regarding these services which are not addressed in the FAQs, or wish to offer suggestions or accolades, contact us at or (229) 333-5867.

Thank you for utilizing Interlibrary Loan and Odum Express.

Interlibrary Loan Policies

All article requests should be submitted via the online request form. Articles will be delivered electronically to your ILL account. Faculty, staff, and students can use the form to get articles and book chapters from both VSU and non-VSU libraries. 

Tips on Making a Request

Before filling out the form, check our Journals by Subject to see if your journal is available full-text.

Or an even quicker means is to paste the title of the article in the search box on the Library homepage; if it is full text, the article is usually the first item retrieved in the search results.

Log in with your Blazeview user name and password at:

If it is your first time, you will need to fill in an account form. Otherwise, you can go directly to the Article Link, and fill in the online request form. Be as complete and accurate as possible, since it speeds up the process of filling your request. ISBN, ISSN, or OCLC #s are a great help.

After filling in the form, click the “Submit Request” button. Fill out one form per article requested.

Do not put several items on one form. 


You may request articles directly from GALILEO by clicking the "Request through ILL" link. If an article is not already available full-text via a PDF link or through the Find it @ VSU button, then clicking the "Request through ILL" link will open a new window to log into your ILL account, where the citation information will be transferred to the request form for you.

Double-check to make sure the citation information populated in the article request form correctly and click the "Submit Request" button.

How Long Will This Take?

Article requests are typically delivered within 24-48 hours, unless they are submitted on Friday or over a holiday. Some articles that are harder to find can take up to 1-2 weeks, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to receive your ILL articles before you need them. When the article is delivered, users will receive an e-mail with a link so they can log into their ILL account, retrieve the article and either print or download it. 

Limits on Requests

On occasion we may have to set limits or refuse to accept a request if it appears that filling the request(s) exceed the amounts we can afford to pay for copyright charges or if it would exceed Fair Use standards or involve a violation of Copyright law (Title 17, United States Code).

Interlibrary Loan provides material for scholarly research by Valdosta State University faculty, staff, and students not held in our collection by borrowing through other institutions.  Recognizing that our public library collection has limits and our own collection of popular reading material cannot satisfy all needs, we also fill requests for recreational reading. We can also fill ILL requests for other materials like DVDs, CDs, music scores, records, and microfilm.  

We cannot accept orders for textbooks for currently offered courses at VSU. 

Tips on Making a Request

Check our GIL-Find catalog before filling out a request form.

Log in with your Blazeview user name and password at:

If it is your first time, you will need to fill in an account form. Otherwise, you can go directly the Book Link, and fill in the online request form. Be as complete as possible. And if the book has more than one edition, an ISBN # or Worldcat accession # is a great help in assuring you get the edition that you want.

After you have finished filling out the Book and other Format request form, click the “Submit Request” button.  We require that you fill out a separate request form for each item you want, since the ILLiad system is not set up to handle multiple requests on one form.


You may order books or other returnable materials directly from GALILEO or the catalog by using the "Request through ILL” link. If an item is not already available, then clicking the “Request through ILL” link will open a new window to log into your ILL account, where the citation information will be transferred to the request form for you. 

Double-check to make sure the citation information populated in the item request form correctly and click the “Submit Request” button. 

How Long Will It Take to Receive It and Where Do I Get It?

Please allow up to 2 weeks for items to arrive. Materials that are old, rare, extremely popular, difficult to obtain (genealogical publications, DVDs, CDs), or are at major research libraries, such as the Library of Congress or the New York Public Library, can take longer to arrive. 

Once an ILL item arrives and is processed, you will receive an email alerting you that your ILL item(s) are available for pick-up at the main Circulation Desk (1st floor) of Odum Library. 

Length of Loan Period

The lending library stipulates the length of the loan period, which can range from four weeks to three months. You can request renewals through your ILL account up until the due date; if you wait until after it is overdue, you must contact our office to request a renewal.  

We cannot guarantee renewals for ILL items. 

All items borrowed through ILL are subject to recall by the lending institution at any time. 

Lost Material Charges

If an ILL item has not been returned one month after the due date, a hold for the replacement cost of the material will be placed on the patron’s library account. A hold on a patron’s library account prevents a student from registering for and dropping classes or requesting transcripts. Patrons with overdue ILL materials will be blocked from requesting additional ILL items until the overdue material has been returned or replacement fines have been paid.  

If a patron has still not returned an overdue ILL item one week prior to the last day of class, our overdue process is accelerated, and a hold will be placed much more quickly. 

Limits on Loan Requests

Items that may be difficult to obtain or take longer to get are the following: 

  • Reference books (if there is a chapter you want, please specify. Otherwise, it may take longer than normal to get, if we can get it at all, especially if it is part of a multi-volume set.) 
  • Genealogical books (books are often out of print, held by few libraries, and in special collections. Please provide names or other information you are looking for so we can request photocopies from these books, since it will often be the only way we can get the information you want.) 
  • Old, fragile, or rare books more than 100 years old.  
  • DVDs for instructional purposes (Many libraries in the University System do not loan DVDs, so we frequently must borrow them from out of state.) 
  • We cannot accept orders for textbooks for currently offered classes at VSU. 

Items that we do not take requests for:

  • Textbooks. We provide suggestions about where you can purchase or rent copies of your books at a lower price. Also, try asking your professor if they can place a copy of the book on reserve in the library.
  • Popular DVDs, unless a faculty member needs it for a class. We are not a substitute for subscribing to Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu.
  • Bound journals or individual journal issues. Very few libraries are willing to loan these due to the fear of loss or damage through the mail, so it is highly unlikely it will be filled.

The Interlibrary Loan office of Valdosta State University provides loans and photocopies to libraries and other facilities that request our services. Individuals who wish to borrow materials from our library need to place an interlibrary loan request through their public library or the academic or corporate library through which they ordinarily check out materials.

Request Methods Accepted by VSU

Libraries may send requests via OCLC to our symbol GYG. Non-OCLC libraries can send requests to us via e-mail (

Fees, Billing, and Payment

We are members of GOLD, SO6, SOLINE, and LVIS. We believe resource sharing should be free to all. We will never charge you, please consider not charging us. 

If you need us to invoice you for a lost item you borrowed from our collection, we can only accept checks as payment. Our library is not set up to accept credit cards. 

Send payment to: 

Interlibrary Loan
Odum Library
Valdosta State University
1500 N. Patterson Street
Valdosta, GA 31698-0150

If you have any questions, contact us at or (229) 333-5867 

Loans and Photocopies

The loan period is 28 days from the date the item is shipped with a 4 week renewal possible when requested.  For loans of multi-piece sets, please indicate which volume(s) are wanted.  Loans of microfilm are limited to five reels per shipment.

Photocopies of Articles and Book Chapters

Photocopies are provided for articles and book chapters up to 50 pages. We deliver articles electronically via Odyssey, Article Exchange, or e-mail. 

VSU Master’s Theses and Dissertations

Some of our theses and dissertations can be found in the library’s digital repository, Vtext Repository.

They are located in their own section, Electronic Theses and Dissertations.

Our repository only goes back as far as 2007 so a dissertation you want may only be available in print format.  The library has a circulating copy of all theses and dissertations, which can be borrowed through ILL. 

Special Collections

If a second circulating copy of a book in Special Collections is available, it will be loaned via ILL. Items that will not be loaned are county histories, very old/fragile books, items cataloged in the Rare, United Daughters of the Confederacy, or South Georgia Folklife collections, or any archival materials. Depending on the condition of some of the items, arrangements can be made to copy a selected amount of material from them. Contact Archives at 229-333-7150 or