As part of the University College, the General Education Council addresses issues central to Valdosta State University's General Education Curriculum. This Council has a number of critical responsibilities, including:

  • Overseeing and maintaining the integrity of VSU's core curriculum;

  • Promoting the importance and quality of core curriculum courses in VSU's colleges and departments;

  • Providing guidelines, assistance, and review to departments proposing new courses in the core curriculum;

  • Establishing and reviewing policies related to the transfer of core curriculum courses;

  • Collecting, examining, and reporting on current assessment data on the core curriculum, in particular looking at how well student learning outcomes for the core curriculum are currently being met; and

  • Developing and implementing an assessment plan specific to the core curriculum.

VSU Core Curriculum IMPACTS (Effective 10/04/2023)

Core Curriculum Assessment

Why Do We Need To Assess Our Core Curriculum Classes?

Guidelines for Developing Core Curriculum Assessments (PDF)

Core Curriculum Plan Template (DOC)

Request to use Statistical Sampling (DOC)

Core Curriculum Report Template (DOC)

Core Assessment Schedule 2015-2032:

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