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ALERT: Part of the assignment process includes us running a test in the system to make sure we have gender numbers set correctly for the amount of applicants. The assignments should not be processing to student housing portals. However, if your student does see an assignment prior to July 11th, please note that this may not actually be their assignment and can change many times between now and July 11th.

We’re committed to making your new home more than just a place to rest your head.

On campus, the possibilities are endless... our 9 on-campus residence halls buzz with energy. There’s a special camaraderie among those who live in the hub of the university. Living on campus is the best choice for student success. With convenient access to academics, dining, activities and student employment, students that live on campus have the top advantage for leadership and personal growth in a safe environment. On average, Valdosta State’s Housing is 25% more affordable than comparable universities in the state!

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