Minor in Spanish, French, or German

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages offers three minors in foreign language for Spanish, French, and German. A minor in a foreign language is an excellent compliment to an degree program, and gives the student that extra edge when seeking employment. Second language skills can greatly enhance the students ability to communicate with clients and customers in any field, and increases the potential for employment and promotional opportunities in the workplace. For more information on declaring a minor, or if you need to get more information on the advising process, please visit the Academic Advising page or email us at mcladvising@valdosta.edu.

Minor in Spanish

The minor in Spanish requires 18 hours and consists of the following required and elective courses.

Minor in Spanish (Total Hours Required 18) Download printable checklist.

Core: Span 2002 Intermediate Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture (if needed)

0-3 hours

Senior-College Courses (15-18 hours)

Span 2010 Intermediate Grammar

03 hours

Span 2011 Intermediate Conversation

01 hours

(Should be taken with Spanish 2010. This is the conversation component of the course.)

Spanish Courses Numbered 3000 and Above

11-14 hours

Minor in French

The minor is French requires 18 hours and consists of the following required and elective courses

For course Descriptions, visit the catalog page.

Minor in French (Total hours required 18) Download printable checklist.

Core: FREN 2001, Intermediate French Language and Francophone Cultures, I (if needed)

0-3 hours

FREN 2002 Intermediate French Language and Francophone Cultures, II (if needed)

0-3 hours

Senior-College Courses (12-18 hours)

FREN 2010, Intermediate Conversation

03 hours

Elective courses numbered above 3000

9-15 hours


Minor in German

For course descriptions, visit the catalog page.

Minor in German (Total hours required 18) Download printable checklist.

Minor in German

Total Hours 18

Core Curriculum Courses GRMN 2001, GRMN 2002

0-6 hours

Senior-College Courses

12-18 hours

GRMN 3301 and GRMN 4410

6 hours

GRMN 3551 or GRMN 3552

3 hours

Electives: Courses in German numbered above 3000

3-9 hours

Please email mcladvising@valdosta.edu to find out how to declare, and/or, advise for the minor in any of these languages. Or you may call and speak with someone in the office at: 229-333-5948.