Dr. Leslie Sandra Jones

Leslie Jones

Office: 1096 B/C Building
Valdosta, Georgia 31698

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D.  Science Education  (1997)  The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

M.A.   Science Education  (1995)  The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

M.S.    Animal Science       (1983)  University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

A.B.    Biological Sciences  (1977)  Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA

Courses Taught

Science 3000 – Integrated Science for Early Childhood Education Majors
            Science 3103 – Natural History of Georgia for Middle Grade Education Majors
            Biology 1010 – The Evolution and Diversity of Life
            Biology 1020 – Biodiversity Laboratory
            Biology 4900 – Senior Seminar
            Biology 6010 – Natural History of Georgia at the Graduate Level for Practicing Teachers

Geology of Georgia Trip (LINK)


Refereed Journal Publications

Jones, L.S. (2005).  Reducing Creationist Aversion to Evolution with Biological Education that Addresses the Controversy. Manuscript accepted for publication in the Journal of Research in Science Teaching.

 Jones, L.S. (2001). Do we need to dismiss creationism in order to teach evolution? Journal of the Teachers Association of Western Australia, 37 (2), 23-27.

Reprinted Verbatim As:

Jones,  L.S. (2001). Do we need to dismiss creationism in order to teach evolution? Educare News: The Independent Journal of Australian Education, Issue 118, 48-51.

Jones, L.S. (1997). Opening doors with informal science:  Exposure and access for our underserved students.  Science Education, 81, 663-677.

Petroff, M.G., Coggeshall, K.M., Jones, L.S. & Pate, J.L.  (1997). Bovine luteal cells elicit major histocompatibility complex class independent T cell proliferation.  Biology of Reproduction, 57, 887-893.

Jones, L.S., Ottobre, J.S., & Pate, J.L. (1992). Progesterone regulation of LH receptors on bovine luteal cells. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, 85, 33-39.

Berndtson, W.E. & Jones, L.S. (1989). Relationship of intrates­ticular content of stallions to age, spermatogenesis, Serto­li cell distribution and germ cell-Sertoli cell ratios. Journal of  Reproduction and Fertility, 85, 511-518.

Thompson, D.L., McNeill, D.R., Weist, J.J., St.George, R.L., Jones, L.S. & Garza, F. (1987). Secretion of LH and FSH in intact and ovariectomized mares in summer and winter. Journal of Animal Science, 64, 247-253.

Garza, F., Thompson, D.L., French, D.D., Weist, J.J., St.George, R.L., Ashley, K.B.,  Jones, L.S.,  Mitchell, P.S. & McNeill, D.R. (1986). Active immunization of intact mares against GnRH: Differential effects of secretion of LH and FSH. Biology of  Reproduction,  35, 347-352.

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Book Chapters and Monographs

Jones, L.S. & Reiss, M. (Eds.) Teaching about Scientific Origins: Taking Account of Creationism. Book Accepted for Publication in Counterpoints: Studies in the Postmodern Theory of  Education. S.R.Steinberg & J.L. Kinchloe (Series Eds.) New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.

Jones, L.S. (2005) Untangling Biological Reality from the Social Construction of Race and Gender.  In Teaching Inclusively:Diversity and Faculty Development . M.Oulett (Ed.) Stillwater, OK: New Forums Press.

Jones, L. S. and Scantlebury, K. (2001). Feminist leadership in the academy:  Innovations in feminist science education. In M. Mayberry, B. Subramaniam, & L.Weasel (Eds.) A New Generation of Feminist Science Studies. (pp. 138-144). New York: Routledge.

 Scantlebury, K. & Jones, L.S. (1999). Science education as a site for feminist leadership in the natural sciences.  In G.M. Hildebrand (Ed.) Gazing into the Future: Proceedings of the GASE Gender and Science Education Colloquium. Victoria, Australia: The University of Melbourne.

 Jones, L.S. (1998). Taking the sciences beyond affirmative action:  Cultural impediments to gender and racial/ethnic inclusion.  In Gender and Race on the Campus and in the School:  Beyond Affirmative Action . (pp. 35-50). Washington DC: The American Association of University Women.