Name Title Phone E-mail
Mr. Raymond Sable Director Physical Plant and Facilities Planning 229-333-5875
Mr. Robert Tindall Associate Director, Facilities Planning
Dr. Victoria Douglas University Architect, Facilities Planning
Mr. Dan Coody Project Manager, Facilities Planning
Ms. Diane Bellflowers CAD Operator / Designer, Facilities Planning
Mr. Gary Kuhlman Assistant Director - Maintenance, Physical Plant
Mr. Jim Muzzey Assistant Director - Campus Services, Physical Plant
Mr. Bob Cutlip Manager Plant Services, Physical Plant
Ms. Monica Haynes Grounds Supervisor
Mr. Adolph Bulter Main Campus Supervisior - South Zone, Physical Plant
Mr. Bobby Flowers Horticulturist and North Campus, Physical Plant
Mr. Mike Hamm Electrical Shop SUpervisior, Physical Plant
Mr. Bobby Elston HVAC Shop Supervisior, Physical Plant
Mr. Wes Cameron Fire Alarm and HVAC Controls Shop, Physical Plant
Mr. Ramona Wing Building Services Superintendent, Physical Plant
Ms. Caroyln Nelson Building Services Superintendent, Physical Plant
Mr. Michael Knight Work Management Coordinator, Physical Plant
Mr. James Nelson Asset Manager, Physical Plant