Georgia Constitution Exemption Exam Study Outline

This outline is designed to be used with the New Georgia Encyclopedia. The New Georgia Encyclopedia is a joint effort meant to be "the first state encyclopedia to be conceived and designed exclusively for publication online ... [helping] users understand the rich history and diverse culture of Georgia's still-unfolding story." It is overseen by the Georgia Humanities Council in partnership with the University of Georgia Press, The State of Georgia, and GALILEO: Georgia Virtual Library (

You may also use other sources to help you study. Recent scholarship covering the governing of the state can be found in Georgia State Politics: The Constitutional Foundation (Sixth Ed.) by Dr. Lee M. Allen, with Dr. Marc G. Pufong and Dr. Jason S. Kassel.

A good starting point in the New Georgia Encyclopedia is the article, "Government and Laws: Overview."

The Georgia Exemption Exams are given daily by appointment at no cost and may be taken as many times as is needed to obtain a passing score. The passing score on the Georgia Constitution Exam is 52% (13 correct answers).


Areas of Study:

The Georgia Constitution

Executive Branch

    • Important Topics of Study: 
      • Executive Branch: Overview
      • Executive Branch Officials: Overview
      • Governor (Governors of Georgia)
      • Lieutenant Governor
      • Secretary of State
      • Attorney General
      • Georgia Public Service Commission

Legislative Branch

    • Important Topics of Study:
      • Georgia General Assembly
      • Legislative Process: Overview
      • State Budgeting

Judicial Branch

    • Important Topics of Study:
      • Judicial Branch: Overview
      • Supreme Court of Georgia
      • Court of Appeals of Georgia

Local Government

    • Important Topics of Study:
      • Georgia's County Governments
      • Georgia’s City Governments
      • Regional Commissions of Georgia
      • Home Rule and Ordinances
      • Local Revenue Sources
      • Preservation Laws


    • Important Topics of Study:
      • Georgia Department of Education
      • Public Education (PreK-12)
      • University System of Georgia

Other Areas of Study

    • Important Topics of Study:
      • Public Authorities and Public Corporations
      • Statutory and Executive Boards and Commissions