Psychiatric Referral Services

Christie Campus Health has partnered with FasPsych to provide Virtual Psychiatric Prescribing Clinics as part of the work with the USG Mental Health Initiative. These Virtual Prescribing Clinics will include a pool of providers delivering psychiatric assessment and medication management services via a secure telemedicine behavioral health platform, with an e-prescribing, electronic medical record component.

Hours Mental Health providers will be available to see students via telemed:

Monday – Friday 11-7PM and Saturdays 9-3PM EST.

To get started, students need to get a referral from the VSU Counseling Center. That number is 229-333-5940. Once an initial visit is scheduled, students will receive an intake assessment and any additional services as needed, or requested.

As each student registered is seen by a provider, that student will be introduced to the online patient portal, for ease of scheduling additional appointments.

Follow-ups are at the discretion of the provider to re-schedule, if they are continuing care with the student seen. If the provider deems the student needs additional support services and or a different treatment approach, the provider will coordinate with internal schedulers to ensure the proper hand off takes place.

FasPsych will be taking a hands-on approach to scheduling and student transition in the first 30 days of implementation to ensure every campus and every student is fully comfortable with the process. During or after the first 30 days clinic staff can transition to online scheduling of services should they feel comfortable with the completing the scheduling and intake process on their own. Please note, that schedulers will always be available as needed if needed.