HOPE Connect @ VSU International

HOPE Connect @ VSU is available to any VSU student outside the US – whether they are a study abroad student or an international student in their home country. Students outside the US will receive mental health support through our service partner, Workplace Options (WPO), as well as local service delivery partners. WPO provides support services in over 200 countries and territories.  

Available services for students outside the US include:  

  • 24/7/365 Support Line  
  • Master’s level counselors (or the local equivalent) answer calls live. 

  • Support Line Clinicians can offer information, assessment, action planning, crisis intervention assistance, and/or short-term problem resolution and referrals.  

  • Access is available via toll-free phone, e-mail, SMS or instant messaging 
  • Treatment (Therapy) Visits 
  • Students have access to a credentialed provider network of more than 83,000 affiliate counselors.  Multiple local languages are supported by the providers.   
  • Counseling is offered through the following modes: telephonic, face-to-face, or video.  
  • Students have up to 5 sessions per issue per year.  
  • For emergency counseling needs: the student will receive an immediate telephonic intervention with risk assessment, as well as connection to a referral resource (e.g., emergency services) where appropriate. 

 ICBT/CCBT program (known as In My Hands) 

  • A computerized self-help cognitive behavioral therapy (cCBT) program is available to students that addresses mild to moderate anxiety, stress, and depression. 

  • The course, which is available in English only, is comprised of 7 online CBT sessions and includes email and/or telephone support from qualified counselors.  
  • cCBT case manager follows up with participants to ensure the program is addressing their needs, answer any queries, and review progress toward their goal.  Users can also contact their case manager at any time to discuss their progress.   

  • Participants have unlimited access to the program for 6 months and may complete the sessions as many times as desired within that period.  
  • Students will have access to a wellness hub with culturally appropriate resources in 27 languages/dialects.  
  • Detailed instructions on how to access mental health support services are included at the top of every page.  
  • Students can also use the “Contact a Counselor” feature to send an email to request a call back from a counselor.  

Other Services 

  • Prescribing Services: Students outside the US can participate in the Prescribing Clinics since appointments will be held on-line. 

  • Group Workshops: Students outside the US can attend the COVID workshops since they will be held on-line.