College Algebra

MATH 1111

Algebraic topics including polynomials, rational expressions, equations, inequalities, graphing, exponents and radicals, relations and functions through exponential and logarithmic functions.

Course Materials

1. MyMathLab is required for this course. This online program includes a eBook version of the textbook and can be purchased inside your MATH 1111 course in BlazeVIEW. If you prefer to have a physical copy of the textbook, you may purchase College Algebra Essentials, 3rd Edition by Blitzer, Pearson (ISBN 9781269886062, VSU Custom Edition). This book package includes the access code you will need for the MyMathLab online program.

2. TI-83/84 plus graphic calculator.

Optional Materials

  • Set of headphones for conferencing and tutoring, if needed.
  • Total Credit Hours: 3
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