Spring 2021 Semester: What You Need to Know

Return to Campus Survey Must be Filled Out

Once again, all students, faculty, and staff are required to complete the Return to Campus Survey before returning to the VSU campus in January. You will see it when you open your MyVSU page. Please note that the most recent updates to the survey will require a response before you will be able to navigate to any other areas on the site. Also, if any of your submitted information changes between your completion of the Return to Campus Survey and your actual return to campus, you must disclose the change in the self-reporting portal. As in the past, follow the guidance of the Return to Campus Survey, and do not return physically on campus if instructed to wait until someone contacts you.

Campus Safety

At the request of the Student Government Association, during the national election period we will continue our increased campus lighting, changes to traffic access near the Student Union, and increase nightly public safety presence through the beginning weeks of the semester.

Mental Health Support

Valdosta State University and The University System of Georgia have expanded FREE mental health services to all students during the COVID-19 pandemic. The new program is called HOPE Connect @ VSU, and it provides 24/7/365 mental health in-the-moment support-regardless of time of day or your location.

COVID-19 Operating Protocols and Vaccination Effort

Your adherence to COVID-19 safety protocols and the increased cleaning and sanitation efforts on campus will remain in place for Spring semester. To ensure the continued effort of learning and living within our campus community, we must ensure that we do not relax on our responsibility to keep one another safe and healthy. I am optimistic about the future with vaccines on the way and more treatments for COVID-19 coming regularly, but we cannot let our guard down.

Student Engagement

As you have told us, engaging with one another in and out of the classroom is important for your well-being and educational success. Expanded campus event offerings and the return of athletics are planned for Spring. We are only able to expand our face-to-face interactions because of your commitment to these three practices recommended by the Georgia Department of Public Health: wear a mask to project yourself and others, stay 6 feet from others you do not live with, and practice proper hygiene and washing your hand often.

COVID Testing On and Off Campus

Students can be tested at the Student Health Center and then self-report through MyVSU. Employees can get tested at the Lowndes County Health Department, or at one of the other local testing sites, and then self-report as needed.

List of Local​ Testing Sites                      ​

​Lowndes Health Department ​
2108 East Hill Avenue ​
PH: 844-442-2681 ​

​CVS – Schedule online ​
www.cvs.com ​
2205 Ashley Street 
PH:229-333-0222 ​

​Valdosta Family Medicine ​
2412 N. Oak Street ​
PH: 229-244-1400 ​

​Smith Northview ​
4280 N. Oak Street ​
229-433-8000 ​

​Parrott Medical Clinic ​
804 Northwood Park