Student Refunds- March 26, 2020

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26 March 2020

While Valdosta State’s campus is not closed, campus services utilized by students including housing, dining, transportation, and recreation have been greatly affected.

As such, Valdosta State has been working with the USG to develop a refund plan that would apply to the mandatory and non-mandatory fees listed below. Fees will be pro-rated, beginning on Monday, March 16, 2020, for the remainder of the spring semester.  

Housing and Dining:  A pro-rated amount of approximately 44% will be refunded. Centennial students will receive a higher percentage refund since their contract was for a full year. Students who were granted an exception to remain in the residence halls will not be refunded their housing rent or meal plan, but they will be refunded for 100% of remaining Dining Dollars. Remaining Campus Dining Services will be pick-up only.

  • Graduation: A full refund of the graduation fee paid by spring and summer graduates will be issued.
  • Activity:  $12 will be refunded per student.
  • RecreationOperating:  $6 will be refunded per student.
  • Union Operating:  $8will be refunded per student.
  • Flex:  A refund will be issued at 100% of the remaining balance.

The university anticipates issuing service fee refunds by April 10, 2020. 

Students should make sure their direct deposit is set up so that any refunds will be sent directly to their bank. It is imperative that your home address and direct deposit information is up-to-date. If any corrections are needed, please visit   before March 30th.  

Please note that, unless your original payment was made by credit card, your refund will be sent to you using the following priority:  1) Direct deposit, 2) Mailing address in Banner, 3) Permanent address in Banner.  Refund checks will not be mailed to VSU boxes.

If you have questions about refunds, please contact us at and we will respond as quickly as possible. 


Key term: Close Contact - this is defined as being within six (6) feet of an individual for more than 15 minutes regardless of whether a face covering is worn.  

EMPLOYEES DO NOT come on campus if you believe you have been in close contact with a person having COVID or yourself having symptoms or receiving a positive diagnosis. Instead, notify your supervisor of your absence, seek medical services from your primary care provider, and self-report your information by completing the online form or contacting HR directly at 229-333-5709. 

STUDENTS DO NOT come on campus nor go directly to the Student Health Center if you believe you have been exposed to COVID. Instead, call the Health Services at 229-333-5886 to speak with a triage nurse over the phone. Additional guidance will be provided on how to access the health center facility. The health center remains open for walk-in patients with non-COVID medical needs. 

Members of the campus community should report all instances of close contact with a person having COVID or themselves receiving a positive diagnosis of COVID.  To assist with reporting, a COVID Self Reporting link has been added within MyVSU.  




If you have been instructed to self-isolate or quarantine, you should do so at your permanent home for the period given unless it should be extended due to remaining symptoms. 

Report a Social Distance Concern