Campus Message for VSU Employees - March 13, 2020

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13 March 2020

Good evening VSU,

By now you have received communication from the President indicating that the University will be temporarily suspending instruction from March 16th – March 29th. As shared, all departments will remain open and should continue to provide ongoing service and support to our faculty, staff, and students. However, to remain consistent with guidance from the System Office in reducing the number of employees on campus at any one time, for these next two weeks we will be implementing the following options:


While not suitable for all positions, there is an option to telework. Supervisors will need to identify positions within their area who may be able to telework. A list of positions, names of employees, and duties each employee would be tasked to complete while working remotely should be sent up the chain of command to the Cabinet level member for review and approval. Cabinet members should send the finalized approved list to HR. The attached spreadsheet should be utilized by supervisors/managers for departments to submit their recommended staffing plan and telework options to their individual cabinet level member.

The following requirements exist:

  • There must be no interruption in duties.
  • Each campus office must be physically manned with administrative professional level staff at all times during working hours.
  • Employees must have the remote access, internet/Wi-Fi capabilities, and equipment necessary to perform all assigned tasks.

Flexible Work Schedule

Supervisors should implement flexible schedules to 1) accommodate childcare or similar responsibilities disrupted due to school or provider closures and/or 2) to reduce the number of employees physically on campus to the minimal level required at any given time to sustain service, safety, and compliance. At the discretion of supervisors, these flexible work schedules can include the option to work a modified schedule (e.g., 7:00 am – 4:30 am), split shift (e.g., 7:00 am – 10:30 am and 2:00 pm 7:30 pm), or compressed work week (4-10 hour days).

The following requirement exists:

  • There must be no interruption in duties.
  • The standard number of hours (40 per week) must be worked (unless leave is utilized), irrespective of the option selected.


Leave must be requested for the following situations:

  • Employees who are unable to report to work but have not been approved for telework and/or flexible work schedule.
  • Employees who are subject to high-risk of illness or exposure to COVID-19 or who may be caring for an ill member of their household.
  • Employees who are not feeling well for any reason or who may have a family member in the household who is ill must request leave and should stay home as needed to fully recover or care for your family.

Please contact HR if there are concerns about leave balances.

Student Employment and Graduate Assistants

  • Students are able to continue working as scheduled. Student Assistants and Work Study students should enter actual time worked on their timecard and managers should approve hours worked by the established payroll deadlines for the pay period. Graduate Assistants should continue to enter ACA hours on their timecard, as normal.
  • Additionally, U.S. Department of Education guidance indicates that institutions may continue to pay work study wages during campus closure even if assigned hours cannot be worked, if specific guidelines are met. If guidelines are met, Work Study students will be compensated for their regularly scheduled hours for weeks the campus is closed. Managers will be notified by Human Resources for additional details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, a list of frequently asked questions has been developed and is available to all employees to address specific questions or concerns that you may have. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support of this effort. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance or any additional support.

VSU Office of Human Resources


Key term: Close Contact - this is defined as being within six (6) feet of an individual for more than 15 minutes regardless of whether a face covering is worn.  

EMPLOYEES DO NOT come on campus if you believe you have been in close contact with a person having COVID or yourself having symptoms or receiving a positive diagnosis. Instead, notify your supervisor of your absence, seek medical services from your primary care provider, and self-report your information by completing the online form or contacting HR directly at 229-333-5709. 

STUDENTS DO NOT come on campus nor go directly to the Student Health Center if you believe you have been exposed to COVID. Instead, call the Health Services at 229-333-5886 to speak with a triage nurse over the phone. Additional guidance will be provided on how to access the health center facility. The health center remains open for walk-in patients with non-COVID medical needs. 

Members of the campus community should report all instances of close contact with a person having COVID or themselves receiving a positive diagnosis of COVID.  To assist with reporting, a COVID Self Reporting link has been added within MyVSU.  




If you have been instructed to self-isolate or quarantine, you should do so at your permanent home for the period given unless it should be extended due to remaining symptoms. 

Report a Social Distance Concern