Welcome to VSU's Careers site. Valdosta State University is utilizing Careers for the recruitment of staff, faculty and temporary employees. All applicants interested in employment must apply for vacancies using this system. 

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  • What is Careers?

    Careers is an applicant tracking system that is dedicated to providing support to institutions of higher education.  Careers provides a broad range of employment related services to improve the level of service to applicants.

  • What services does it provide?

    Careers will establish and maintain an automated internet based system for processing and accepting applications for employment. The system has the following functions:

    It allows applicants to complete and submit an employment application online.

    Applicants are able to view their application which is protected by their own username and password.

    The system allows applicants to submit cover letters and resumes as part of the application process.

    The system provides immediate acknowledgement to applicants that their application has been received.

    If unsuccessful, applicants can use the stored information to apply for future jobs at Valdosta State University. 

  • If I have a Temporary Position with Multiple Hires into the same position do I have to post each hire separately?

    No. Postings can have multiple openings so there is no need to have multiple postings.

  • Applicant FAQs-Will the use of this system improve communications to the applicant?

    Yes. Upon completion of an application and submitting it for consideration, the system will provide a confirmation email to the applicant acknowledging the receipt of the application.  Applicants who are not successful will receive an email advising them of this fact and thanking them for their interest in opportunities at Valdosta State University. Communications with finalists in job searches will be contacted to schedule interviews.

  • Who will be expected to fill out these electronic forms?

    Applicants interested in staff/faculty and temporary positions must apply using the online applicant tracking system.
  • How will applicants submit an application if they want to be considered for a position?

    Applicants will click on the New User link. They will then be taken to a screen where personal information will be entered.  Applicants will then register their new account and proceed with completing the application.
  • What if I have already created an online application?

    If you have already created an application with this online employment system, and wish to update your information, please login with the username and password that you used when you created your application.
  • What if I want to submit a resume?

    You will be able to submit a resume each time you apply for a position. There will be directions prompting you how and when to attach your resume. Please note that attaching a resume does not substitute for completing the application form.

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