TV Services at VSU

Due to unforeseen contractual circumstances, I regret to share we are unable to provide Philo TV service this semester. As a result, we are providing a one-time credit to your Spring semester housing rate of $25.  You may consider using these savings towards purchasing your own streaming subscription.  Some of these streaming services are:

 Amazon Prime Student Video = $6.49/month

Hulu Basic = $5.99/month

Hulu Premium = $11.99/month

Netflix = $8.99/month

Disney + = $6.99/month

Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN+ Package = $12.99/month

Pluto TV = Free

With 5Gbps available to our residential network, you should be able to still stream your favorite shows and access your online learning with no interruption. Over the next several months we will continue to invest in our residential internet technology and explore alternatives to Philo TV for the future.