Philo Edu TV at VSU

No more MediaCom, Philo Edu TV is now at Valdosta State University. Philo Edu delivers live TV and DVR capabilities to students’ laptops, tablets, smartphones, and TV sets. Anywhere on our campus network. “We’re thrilled to bring the revolutionary TV experience that Philo enables to many more students across the country,” said Andrew McCollum, CEO, Philo Edu. “Together with our industry partners, we’re changing what this generation expects from television.”

About Philo Edu

Philo Edu is the industry leader in bringing live TV and DVR to college students on all of the devices they use — computers, tablets, and smartphones — anywhere on campus. Philo Edu works with the content and media industries to provide students access to programming through a cable or satellite provider, including popular TV series as well as live news, sports, and events. Philo Edu also offers students access to TV Everywhere services like HBO GO and innovative features that enhance the viewing experience.

Popular VSU Student Questions

1. Who do I contact for help? VSU or Philo Edu?

a. PHILO.  Contact Philo directly from the support page if you have an issue.  There is also a "Wish" feature on the homepage where you can leave your own suggestions.

2. What if I don't have a SmartTV, can I still use Philo Edu?

a. YES.  Philo Edu is compatible with all portable devices (i.e. Smart Phones, Tablets, etc.).  Philo is also currently compatible with  RokuTV that can connect directly to your unit.  Casting is NOT enabled with Philo Edu at VSU right now.

3. Can I watch Philo Edu off campus?

a. NO. Philo Edu connects directly with the VSU campus network and can only be used when the device is connected to the network.

4. Can I be logged onto more than 1 device at one time?

a. NO. You can only use one device at a time as you’re required to use your VSU student login information to gain access.

5. Can I record/DVR shows?

a. YES.  Philo Edu gives each VSU student DVR storage per account.  Philo Edu allows a viewer to see the Guide Schedule 2-3 weeks in advance for DVR recording.  Philo's smart DVR does not place a strict limit on the number of recordings you can have. Philo Edu adapts to use unused space in the system to allow you to create more recordings than you would typically be allowed if you had a fixed amount of space.