March 5, 2018

VSU Biology Professor Serves as DNA Expert Resource

VALDOSTA — Valdosta State University’s Dr. Brian Ring is using his extensive background in molecular genetics to support Georgia’s judicial system as an expert witness in cases involving DNA evidence.

Ring, a professor of biology at VSU, regularly reviews DNA evidence for attorneys and provides an expert opinion on what the data indicates in criminal cases involving sexual assault, aggravated assault, murder, and more. Ring’s analyses — based on DNA samples taken from the crime scene, victim, and suspect — help to scientifically verify certain interactions that occurred during the crime.

“I do this for the residents of the state of Georgia,” he said. “This area, South Georgia, doesn’t have expert witnesses for DNA evidence, so I feel like I fill that niche. I can help the judicial system with the knowledge that I have. I can help our government serve justice.”

Ring holds a Bachelor of Science in biological science and a Doctor of Philosophy in molecular genetics from Florida State University. He worked as a certified forensic technologist for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement from 2003 to 2004 and handled approximately 100 cases during that time. He has been serving as an expert witness for approximately six years.

“My experience and background is unique,” he said. “I’m a molecular geneticist, and I’ve also worked in a crime lab. I want to use the knowledge and skills I have to help people.

Ring’s service to the judicial system reflects VSU’s commitment to being a catalyst for regional comprehensive progress and serving as a resource for rural Georgia.