Meet the Staff

Alyson Stewart

Graduate Hall Director

Amanda Allison

Alyson Stewart is a second year Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Student from Woodbridge Virginia. Previously she studied Public Relations and Communications Studies at the University of Alabama. After graduation she worked as a government contractor and then worked for a nonprofit association. Her hobbies include writing, blogging, reading, listening to old school R&B and gospel, hanging out with friends, and watching chick flicks! She is a huge people person that enjoys being surrounded by her peers. The company of others is comforting, she is quite the conversationalist. As a former military brat, she had to quickly learn how to be an extrovert and jump out of her shell. She's often described as energetic, bubbly and friendly. Her smiles huge, you can't miss it. 

Phone:  229-333-5405







Lenora Willis

Area Coordinator

Phone: 229-333-5330