Undergraduate Program in Sociology and Anthropology

UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM: Applied and Clinical Sociology

The undergraduate program in sociology is an applied/clinical program that prepares students to work in a broad range of employment settings. The program is a concentration within the Major of Sociology and Anthropology. Admission requirements for the concentration are the same as for the major. The concentration in Applied and Clinical Sociology is designed to give students instruction in the foundation of sociology as well as training in specific skills needed for employment. In addition to the foundations courses in theory, research methods, and statistics, all students in the sociology program are required to take courses in both clinical and applied sociology, institutions, inequality, and self and society and issues in sociological practice. Students are also required to complete an internship in their area of interest. The internship is designed to integrate classroom learning with a sociological practice experience. Upon graduation students pursue employment in areas such as human services, human resources, community organization, program development, and organizational management. Some students will pursue graduate work in sociology, law, public administration, counseling, and social work.

The undergraduate concentration in applied/clinical sociology is accredited by the Commission for Applied and Clinical Sociology. Accreditation means that the program has met national standards in the areas of applied, clinical, and general sociology. This can be an advantage when seeking employment after graduation.

For further discussion of applied and clinical sociology, check out The Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology.