Pre-Anesthesiologist Assistant

B.S. Degree with a Major in Biology

  • Total Credit Hours: 120

You're a driven student invested in the comfort and safety of your patients.

About this field

The pre-anesthesiologist assistant (AA) track is designed to fulfill all the course requirements needed to apply to AA schools in the United States. This track also includes suggested coursework to prepare students to take either the MCAT or GRE exam required for admission into the AA school.

The Valdosta State Difference

The pre-anesthesiologist assistant track was prepared by faculty in the Department of Biology who routinely advise students that intend to apply for admission into AA school. The specific curriculum and experience requirements for each AA school vary and the faculty will work with the students to ensure that they complete the specific requirements for the programs they wish to attend. The Department also assists students with recommendation letters, applications, and shadowing advice. 

What You'll Learn

The educational outcomes of this track will allow you to learn all the subject material necessary to submit a competitive application for AA school, including preparation to take the MCAT and/or GRE exam.


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