General Biology

B.A. Degree with a Major in Biology, B.S. Degree with a Major in Biology

  • Total Credit Hours: 120
  • Degree Format: Traditional

You want to know how the living world works, from the smallest microbe to the largest ecosystem.

About this field

The general biology track is available for students who do not wish to pursue specific careers in any of the medical fields. This track allows students to take elective courses in a variety of disciplines that are more suitable for their chosen profession. Examples include biology teacher, science writer, fisheries biologist, etc.

The Valdosta State Difference

The Department of Biology is composed of faculty with a diverse background of research expertise in order to provide students with a wide-ranging choice of curriculum and research opportunities. In addition, the Department requires all freshmen to take a seminar course that spends nearly a third of the semester exploring career options available to students who graduate from college with a degree in biology.

What You'll Learn

The educational outcomes of this track can be specialized to give you a knowledge and experience-based advantage in your chosen occupation after you graduate.

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