Internship Meetings and Packet Deadline Dates

Internship meetings are mandatory to gather all pertinent information related to HSEP 4550 Exercise Physiology Internship.  These meetings are held each month and you must attend at least ONE meeting during your 3rd Block semester. Meeting dates will be announced each semester.  You must bring a copy of the Internship Handbook, paper, and writing utensils with you to the meeting.



You will be responsible for turning in ALL documents required by the assigned deadline prior to beginning your internship.  These documents are due by midterm of the semester before you intern.

                For example, if you are interning summer 2015, your PD’s are due March 6th, 2015. 




You will be given a list of our approved internship sites and current contracts.  It is highly recommended that you use one of the already approved sites. If you wish to intern outside of this list, you must contact Ms. Fretti before the Internship Informational meeting during 3rd Block.  This process takes time and must be done at least two semesters before you intern.