Storing a Payment Account for Future Reference for Authorized Users

To enter your checking or savings account information to save as a payment method:

Credit cards may not be saved as a payment method due to the Convenience Fee charged by our card processor.  You must agree to the fee each time, therefore the payment method cannot be saved. 

Menu Path:      My Account>Payment Profile>Add New Payment Method

Adding a New Payment Method as an Authorized User

  • Chose Electronic Check (Checking/Savings) from the drop down menu. 


Electronic check option

Account Type-Select payment option from either a personal checking or savings account.

  • Complete each section as applicable 1) Account Information, 2)Billing Information, 3)Save Payment Method As
    • Saved Payment Method as Note: This should be a name that will help you recognize the account such as Main Checking Account or Wells Fargo Account

Viewing Multiple Student Accounts:

Menu Path       My Account>Select Student